AMI School Accreditation

Montessori schools and nurseries in Egypt seeking AMI accreditation take the following steps:


  1. Fill the MQAP Form and pay the fee

  2. Sign and Commit to the Charter

  3. Receive an Orientation and Induction Session

  4. Option A: Mentoring Program followed by AMI Global Accreditation Application.

  5. Option B: Immediate Global Accreditation Application.


- Schools and nurseries from countries where there is no AMI affiliate are also welcome to join our program. We are specially interested and committed to support the growth of High Quality Montessori Education not only in Egypt but also in Africa and the Middle East. 

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is working on a Global School Accreditation program. The program is currently being piloted in various locations globally and once this new program has been finalized, AMI will expect affiliated societies such as Montessori Foundation of Egypt to offer this level of accreditation to all schools in their region.

Montessori Quality Assurance Program MQAP

The Montessori Quality Assurance Program (MQAP) welcomes all Montessori schools and nurseries striving to follow AMI principles and practices. All Schools and Nurseries offering or willing to offer Authentic Montessori Education are eligible to join the program.


Participation in the MQAP process sets schools and nurseries on a path of continued growth and improvement. The program highlights Montessori indicators for quality practice and supports these with a Mentoring Program and Consultancy Services.


In January 2020, we have included our School Subscription benefits under the MQAP, in order to help schools to easily navigate and use our services.

The MQAP has three levels:


APPLIED – Have applied to the program and has agreed to commit to the Montessori Charter.


PARTICIPATING – Have committed to the Montessori Charter, participated in an Orientation and Induction Session and are working toward AMI Global Accreditation.


READY FOR AMI GLOBAL ACCREDITATION – meets the majority of the Quality Standards and ready to apply for AMI Global accreditation.