Nile River Montessori

Nile River Montessori Preschool

Nile River Montessori preschool was born with the idea to create an environment for children to enjoy a progressive and organic environment based on the Montessori philosophy. At Nile River Montessori we are strongly dedicated to creating a unique, child centered learning environment. Our programs serve children from four months to six years. We foster a love of learning and help our children to reach their full potential at their own unique pace. 

We are strongly committed to the growth of our local community. Supporting children and their families is our mission, our purpose is to nurture respectful, responsible, resourceful, and happy children. Our dream is to see the Montessori philosophy grow all over Egypt from seed to fruit. 

Montessori Programs: 

Nido (4-14 months) - This program is temporarily paused!

Montessori environment for children from approximately three to fourteen months specially designed for children who are not yet walking. We also offer classes for expectant mothers and their partners to gain an understanding of creating supportive environments for children.

Infant Community (14 Months - 3 years)

Montessori environment for children from approximately fourteen months to three years, focusing on developing movement, language, and independence within a social context. The environment is specially designed for children who are walking well.

Children's House (3-6 years)

All members of this expanded community of 3 to 6-year-olds thrive through opportunities to follow their own interests, freely choose their own activities, develop their capacity for concentration, and engage at their own pace their emerging powers of reason, imagination, and sociability.

Elementary (6-12 years) - Montessori-Inspired

Nile River Montessori started a Montessori-inspired elementary classroom for children  6-12. The Cosmic Education curriculum supports children to understand the universe and the interconnectivity of all elements and beings. In this phase, children need support to reach their intellectual independence.


If you are interested in joining Nile River Montessori Team, please send your cover letter and resumé to


+20 127 1241876




23 El-Taef street, near Shooting Club, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

Nile River Montessori is a nursery PARTICIPATING in the Montessori Quality Assurance Program for the age 0-6 and is working towards AMI Global Accreditation.