Tawasol Egypt School 

Tawasol is a non-profit school located in Istabl Antar which is a slum area in Cairo. Although it is not a Montessori  School (so far!), you can see a lot of the Montessori Philosophy applied. This is probably because the idea behind the school is to guide the students and the whole community into "Purposeful Work" which generates income to the low-income families living in slum areas and informal settlements in Cairo.


Continue reading to know why we fell in love with this school!


Practical Life - Purposeful Work

Tawasol is not just a school, it is a non-profit organization that aims to support the whole community by offering opportunities for both children and adults to learn and work. At Tawasol School, children learn their academic curriculums and also use their minds and hands to make beautiful products that are sold on the school's e-shop to generate money. This makes the School a Montessori School by nature! 


Multi-Age Community

We've seen a multi-age community where children and adults cooperate together.  With children moving freely, independently and confidently. 


Peer Learning

As a multi-age community, peer-learning is naturally part of this school's enviroment!


Independence and Self-Discipline

During lunch time, children sit and eat healthy meals together. They are encouraged to be independent and serve themselves. In general, self-discipline is noticeable all over the school.


Cultural Products and Services​ 


Tawasol owns a great e-shop that ships both nationally and internationally. The shop is loaded with high quality and carefully designed products that are inspired by the Egyptian Culture. Beside that, the school also offers cultural services. For instance, a wonderful Summer Camp where children from outside the school are welcomed and are engaged in activities that connects them with their Egyptian Culture. 


Helping the Community 


Tawasol already helps the community in many different ways such as helping adults to learn how to read and write, and encouraging them to use their skills to support the school as well as their own families. 


As a response to the COVID-19 situation that left many men and women with no income. Tawasol has launched a new project and helped young people who already knew how to make wonderful kites, to make them in very high quality. The project has grown and is already helping many families and young people to get income by making something they love!


Buy Tawasol Egypt’s high quality products that are made by low-income families living in slum areas and informal settlements in Cairo. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Tawasol's products are given back to the communities that made them, either as artisans’ wages or to help sustain community development projects.